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It is time to regain your healthy spirit

It’s time to change, it’s time to free yourself to become who you truly are. It is time to be better. Healthy Spirit provides a complete set of meditation tools to regain your inner peace.

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Who We Are?

At Healthy Spirit, you’ll be walking into a series of calming yet focused training with experienced and enthusiastic instructors. Together, they will work to help you regain a better state of mind and improve yourself.


Healthy Spirit is ready to offer lots of benefits for each customer, including:

Yoga classes yoga
Fantastic Yoga classes which may help you in gaining inner peace once again
Meditation yoga
Various meditation courses to relax your soul
Relaxing music yoga
Relaxing music for both Yoga and meditation classes is essential to bring up a good, relaxing vibe.
Breathing yoga
Breathing exercises to help you relax and calm
Ayurveda classes yoga
Ayurveda classes, classes that will teach you how to fix problems using an old Indian natural medicine technique
Emotional Intelligence yoga
Emotional Intelligence classes will teach you how to be positive at all times while giving you the ability to know yourself much better.

Customer Reviews

Noah Baker
Premiun user

During my short vacation in the city, I approached and tried two Yoga classes, and they were amazing. I thought these would probably be the usual Yoga classes people always have in their spare time. But I’m glad I was wrong.

All was nice, and the instructors were really friendly, even to beginners like me. The class is always accompanied by calming tunes that really help me to relax. Everything felt so smooth, thanks to their experiences.

If you are ever interested in Yoga or meditation in general, this place is a must! You’ll learn a lot of things here, and the result was quite helpful. They not only focused on how to make you more relaxed but also on how to appreciate yourself more.

Kaitlin O'Neill
Premiun user

The place was recommended by one of our peers, and we came along with lots of doubts. We’ve never tried one of these things before, and truth be told, the experience was eye-opening. The classes we came into were meditation and Yoga. Both were great, deeply relaxing, and also informational. It was so relaxing that we came home really sleepy!

So, there’s nothing more I want to talk about this place except the beauty and how friendly everyone is. I’m really happy.

Tomos Tran
Premiun user

Who thought that a man could fall in love with Yoga?

I know Yoga is for everybody. But for a man like me, who tends to spend lots of time on mechanical stuff, it is something really new to me. I had two Yoga classes, and they were splendid.

I know that most people would come here to enjoy meditation and Yoga classes. But what’s interesting is they actually have other classes as well, like breathing exercises, for example. These exercises really help me in dealing with my own emotions can sometimes be uncontrollable.

Thanks to their books, I begin to appreciate myself more and have a better motivation for tomorrow. Thanks a bunch!

Asiya Crossley
Premiun user

As a person who deeply loves Yoga, this place is definitely recommended.

What I love the most is the people, all of them are friendly, and the hospitality just feels really warm. The instructions clearly know what they’re doing, and what makes my heart melts is the way they treat each person with care, as if I’ve known them for a long time.

Whether you’re a beginner or people who have done Yoga for a long time, it doesn’t matter here. Everyone here is treated equally, so don’t ever feel discouraged about it. And as for the prices, I think they’re quite understandable. With all the things they provide to me, I’ll be more than willing to pay them.

Kristy Pugh
Premiun user

As a student, I was dealing with all kinds of stress. Stress from part-time work, papers, and personal stuff really drives me nuts. So, I decided to come to this place on that day, and I was thrilled with my choice.

Surely as a beginner, I didn’t know what to do. The movements feel so unfamiliar to me, and I felt somehow shy at first. But, the instructor at that time approached me and said everything was gonna be fine. She taught me gently and did the same thing to everyone in the room. It was nice, really nice.

I came home feeling more relaxed and a bit sleepy, haha. But it was a very nice beginning, and I’m willing to do more in the future!

Kerri Delarosa
Premiun user

I’ve never come across a Yoga class that provides something way more than I expected before. You see, most classes usually have instructors (duh), and maybe some music is placed here and there. But this place is different.

Not only Yoga, but they also focus on meditation and breathing, and even have inspiring thoughts that are spread to everyone. These things are definitely helping someone who struggles with their emotion and daily stress. Sometimes, all you need is just sit down and be free from all worldly things.

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To offer the best services for each customer, we have these subscription plans:


Life is beautiful, and it is at least what most of us would like to think. But, sometimes, it can be too stressful and hard to manage. If you ever feel lonely, stressed, or deeply unmotivated, maybe it’s a perfect time to relax a bit with Healthy Spirit! Become more empowered, and join us to achieve a better life once again!